Coolhand Jax is the moniker of 22-year-old Jake Weissman, a recording project begun in 2019 and carried across the USA from Massachusetts to Los Angeles. After stepping aside from the Amherst-based, surf-psych luminaries Sunshine Brothers Inc. – a project that received acclaim from outlets like LiveNation’s Ones to Watch, Vanyaland and IndiePulse – Jax began experimenting with new music. Freshly graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2019, Weissman spent three months road-tripping the United States, tracking a number of demos on the road that would eventually become Coolhand Jax’s debut EP,  No Dreams of Anything. The EP is set for release on Spirit Goth Records this summer, a psych-pop capsule looking back at the neglected beauty of freedom, fun, and idleness.

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